Your Inner Story


GAME PLAN #1: List all of your accomplishments (even aside athletics leadership, lead scorer, things teammates or old coaches used to say, work awards)

GAME PLAN #2: Now that you've listed your accomplishments. Which accomplishments above are you most proud of? 

GAME PLAN #3: If you had to give a short story but an authentic version of your athletic despair what or how would you tell it to someone else? (this should be no more than 8 sentences)

GAME PLAN #4: What do or have people said about you or come to you for today? (Advice, compliments, etc) - Ex. you know you would make a great coach

GAME PLAN #5: If you were interviewing for your dream job/partnership/investment opportunity, etc., what would you say passionately that would set you apart from anyone else in the group. (this should be no more than 1 sentence = “think elevator pitch*)

GAME PLAN #6: This is it, your final moment of getting it all out. Write out your long story. This is where you will write out your entire athletic story from triumph to pain and more.  Don’t hesitate to be explicit and tell YOUR truth. Ultimately this is your personal release in order to go forward ...HAPPY RELEASE DAY

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